The 2018 Fark Fiction Anthology

It's not news, it's fiction

It's not news, it's . . .

Fark is a registered trademark of Fark, Inc and they're not officially affiliated with us but we think what they're doing is cool

Here it is! Our third annual fiction anthology. As always, we’re looking for quality fiction from the denizens of Fark.com, to be published on Amazon with all proceeds benefitting charity. We’re glad you’ve decided to participate!

Our panel of judges will be selecting the best submissions in the following categories:

Entries must be original fiction and no longer than 10,000 words (we’re all volunteers here, so longer than that makes our eyes glaze over.)

There are a few technical/legal terms you should be familiar with before we start. We'll call those “Terms.” There are also some conditions that have to be met before we can accept or publish anything. We'll call those “Conditions.”

So before you send us anything, be sure you read—and understand—the Terms and Conditions.

The 2018 Fark Fiction Anthology Submission thingee

By submitting to the 2018 Fark Fiction Anthology you hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions

Please send your submission in the body of an email, not as an attachment (cut and paste it into the email itself) to: 


For best results, please include the title of your work, the genre (Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Humor or Mystery/Thriller) and any information you think we'd be interested in in the top of the email.